Jeff Miller For Congress

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Miller For Nevada

Northern Nevada Ph.  # (775)-375-0316

Southern Nevada Ph. # (702)-742-5121

I've been to Yucca Mountain.  I've met with the people in the surrounding communities.  They tell me, "Their children are their greatest exports".  They raise them, just for them to leave.  There's no opportunity for them in economically distressed areas of rural Nevada.  Opening Yucca Mountain for nuclear storage would provide jobs and an economic boost for surrounding rural communities.  I propose the Alaskan Model that we charge other states storage and handling fees for storing it in Nevada.  In turn, we issue checks to the citizens of Nevada, using the preexisting Alaskan model, the APFC (Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation).  

When it comes to the actual storage, I propose the French model, where they are actively recycling it back into reusable resources.  The technology is already available.  The French are using it.  Everything I'm proposing are already are based on successful models used elsewhere throughout the world. 

Parents should have the option of selecting the best schools for their children's education.  This also would allow the schools to work with the parents to keep their child enrolled by creating competition among the schools.  Also the teachers who perform best by their student's test results and by parent's recommendations, as well as the school administration should be rewarded.  Its not easy being a teacher and we need to keep our good ones here in our community.  We must also repeal Common Core and give teachers control of their own classrooms for the best interest of the individual student and local community.

As the son of a Combat Infantry Vet in Vietnam, I have an understanding of how important it is to take care of our military veterans.  They deserve the best care possible.  They have risked their lives for their country and the country owes them for their service, for their sacrifices and their willingness to answer their country's call.  We should also recognize their spouses for their support.  For non veterans, it is imperative for everyone to take an interest in this, because this affects all of our tax dollars. 
Mayors, City Councilmen, and whosoever harbors illegal aliens in their city and boast about their cities "being safe havens" should be prosecuted for harboring illegal aliens and violating their oaths to protect America from all enemies foreign and domestic. The dangerous and reckless idea of sanctuary cities promotes human trafficking by proxy in third world countries and enables violence and more oppression abroad and domestically by giving an already oppressed people a false sense of hope and safety, and puts our own people at unnecessary risk.
The burden of proof should not lie upon American citizens to prove they are citizens to drive or to board an airplane, just for the sake and convenience of allowing illegal aliens driving privileges.  Illegal aliens should not be allowed to drive if they come to America illegally!  This is creating chaos for the automobile insurance industry as well as legal, law abiding naturalized American citizens. 
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