Jeff Miller For Congress

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Miller For Nevada

Northern Nevada Ph.  # (775)-375-0316

Southern Nevada Ph. # (702)-742-5121

It's not enough to elect just Republicans to office to turn "Nevada Red". We must elect Conservative Republicans who will do what they campaign on.  Everything I have said to you has been honest from the very beginning.  I've never had to retract a statement.  I'm a Conservative Constitutionalist who will put Nevadans first and do what is best for individuals, communities, sectors, and industry in District 4. 

This year we have a real chance at real representation.  Its vital to our State's economy, security, and growth to elect real Conservatives who believe in the Constitution.  Its now or never.  2 years from now, I don't know what we will have.  However, let's not allow Nevada to turn into East California. 

  I have decided to use paypal online because there is no minimum that one may donate.  You can donate $1 or $2 without any fees attached.  Please keep in mind that the most a person can donate to the campaign during the primary season is $2,700. 

You may also write Checks to:

Miller for Nevada
850 S Boulder Hwy, St. 430
Las Vegas, NV 89015

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