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Miller For Nevada

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These were the issues in 2016.  Not much has changed has it? 
 We don't need them here and don't want them here.  They are being screened but receive no background checks.  Who is doing the screening?  What questions are they asking?  I don't want people here in our country sneaking in trying to hurt us.  I want us to all sleep peacefully at night and don't want to worry about who our neighbors are.  These people haven't even stayed to fight for their homeland.  If they stayed and fought for their homeland and lost, that's a different story.  I don't like the circumstances and how its being done.  To Barack Obama, Widows and orphans we don't fear.  We just don't want terrorists sneaking in under the guise of a Syrian Refugee.  We want to keep our country safe!
Our Nation has blood on its hands for the millions of innocent babies who have been slaughtered by those we raise our children to trust.  Doctors who perform abortions will be accountable to God almighty, one day as well as the mothers who allow their own babies to be killed by those doctors.  How many of these children could have went on to be successful members of society?  God only knows and just imagine the job sectors and workforce if the babies hadn't been murdered.  Its a National Disgrace and I will fight tooth and nail to have the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade to be overturned.  I will be a voice for the unborn!
PP should receive no Federal Funding.  They do not provide mammograms.  Try to schedule one.  In fact, call the local Planned Parenthood in your area to schedule a mammogram.  They don't do them, they can only refer you to someone else.  Any healthcare provider could do the same.  I will vote NO every single time when it comes to funding Planned Parenthood.

Repeal every word of it and replace it with nothing except the people's freewill. This socialist act has done nothing to help with the healthcare industry and has only complicated it.  The IRS acts as the enforcement agency to determine if you have insurance or not.  Chief Justice John Roberts can call it a "fine" if he wants, I call it a tax.  Why else would the IRS be enforcing it? 
Repeal it. Every word of it. Education should be localized and should not be a one size fits all to education.  I want to see Parents, Teachers, and Local businesses come together to educate their children based on a community's own need.
I will fight to give Nevada lands back to the citizens of Nevada.  There's no reason 82% of Nevada should be owned by the federal government.  They're not doing anything with it.  Give it back to the Nevada people!
Socialism was invented by a German named Karl Marx who was jealous of America and all of its glory.  When the State and Corporations intermix or when the State takes over a corporation, this is called Socialism.  An example of this is how the Insurance Companies are tied into the DMV database.  The two should be separated according to America's capitalism principles.  Private Insurance companies have no business being involved in state databases, and neither should the government be tied into any private business' network.  Once the two intermix, the government has caused the business to no longer be private. Once the business intermixes with the State, it no longer is a "legitimate" business, but has become an agent of the State.
I can speak first hand on how the government can oppress products by using quasi-entities to switch between government agencies and between private entity.  Prime example being the United States Postal Service.  I would demand the USPS to decide, if they want to be private or a government agency, but you can't have it both ways.  You can't be private when you want to raise postage and claim to be a government agency when it comes to Postal Regulations, etc.  In a free market society, the public decides the supply and demand without government intrusion or restriction.  No longer should the public be denied products because it doesn't fit in to the plans of representatives who sit on regulatory boards to advise the government whether a product can be allowed on the market.  The chance of corruption is far too great.  Mailbox manufacturers sit on the board of the United States Postal Service to determine if a new mailbox can be allowed on the market.  If you hold the patent on it, and they don't have access to it, they will not allow you entry into the free market.  *Refer to the Davis-Miller Clear Mailbox Receptacle for more.
: Race relations are as bad now as they were in the 60's.  The racial tensions stirred by the Obama Administration led to the riots in Ferguson and to the formation of hateful groups who constantly stir up trouble.  Race merchants make a lot of money stirring the pot.  Most Americans see through this and refuse to be used by the puppet handlers.  Don't let the politicians pull your strings!  Any time a politician comes to you and "panders" to racial divides, run from them.  They are using you and are insulting your intelligence.  Stay on the issues!
 America comes first, our allies second.  Our enemies get nothing.  Today's markets are intertwined globally and when China's markets fall, we feel it in the American market.  This ought not be.  This was created intentionally for the wealthy to protect their wealth and to be able to funnel it around before disaster hits. Its time for America to get back to the basics and protect its own economy and not just the wealthy.

As a Christian, I do not support gay marriage.  However at this time, it is okay to do so legally according to the Supreme Court.  However, what is right with man's law, is not always right with God's law.  Truth be told, people have a right to express themselves.  This works both ways, for the gays who want to get married as well as the people who don't want to be a part of it.  Equality does not equate to infringing your beliefs on others.  If a bakery chooses not to participate by making a cake for a gay wedding, go find another baker.
I am a strong supporter of Law Enforcement.  It is important for everyone in the community to know, cops enforce the laws and do not make them.  If you are upset with a law that you feel is unjust, write your legislator, do not take out your frustration on the Law Enforcement Officer.  They are only doing their job, and it is an honorable profession.  Law Enforcement Officers live in our communities and play a vital role in community policing, meaning the police work hand in hand with the citizens.  Trust should be built on both ends.
I feel a flat tax of 14.9% is more than generous.  Elected representatives shouldn't ask for more until they become better stewards with what they already have.  People should constantly see their tax dollars at work and know they are getting something in return. 
If a person is found guilty and receives the death penalty, it only costs the state more money to keep the inmate alive.  It's not like the movies, when a person is on death row, due diligence has been done.  It should be carried out quickly and inmates on death row should not sit there for years.
Parents should have the option of selecting the best schools for their children's education.  This also would allow the schools to work with the parents to keep their child enrolled by creating competition among the schools.  Also the teachers who perform best by their student's test results and by parent's recommendations, as well as the school administration should be rewarded.  Its not easy being a teacher and we need to keep our good ones here in our community.

Many in Congress pass laws exempting themselves while inflicting their legislation upon all of their constituents. All bills that pass and become laws should have expiration dates on them because times and situations change constantly.  Hardly ever is there a one law fixes all forever.  The Government is good at adding laws, but seldom takes them away.  I will pass legislation that requires all new laws that are passed be attached with an expiration date of THREE years and must be voted on again or they expire.
Laws should be written so the common man can understand them.  Laws shouldn't be written in flowery language or lawyer jargon.  Keep it simple, so people can read laws and understand them.  Anything else is plain trickery and ought not be.
Progressives want to control every aspect of your life because they believe they know better than you on how to live your life.  I believe they don't trust themselves with guns and don't trust you having them either.  A lot of it is ignorance and some of them actually want to control you.  They are control freaks. Refer your favorite Progressive Socialist to the "About Me" Section on this site and share with them what the 2nd Amendment says.
There is NO such thing!  If anyone mentions this in their campaign they are LYING to you.  An ILLEGAL gun sale is already ILLEGAL.  They are using this as rhetoric to scare you.  Background checks are required on ALL gun sales, whether it be private, public, or at a gun show.  I will fight any attempt from anyone who tries to pass or impose a Universal Background Check for firearms.
AS the son of a Combat Infantry Vet in Vietnam, I have an understanding of how important it is to take care of our military veterans.  They deserve the best care possible.  They have risked their lives for their country and the country owes them for their service, for their sacrifices and their willingness to answer their country's call.  We should also recognize their spouses for their support.  
Israel is our biggest and best ally in the Middle East.  We better start rebuilding our relationship with them, that Barack Obama made a wreck of. I recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol City of Israel.  Israel has a friend with me.

America doesn't answer to the United Nations and under no certainty should the United States ever surrender its sovereignty to the United Nations.  As far as I am concerned we can throw them out of America.
Mayors, City Councilmen, and whosoever harbors illegal aliens in their city and boast about their cities "being safe havens" should be prosecuted for harboring illegal aliens and violating their oaths to protect America from all enemies foreign and domestic.
The burden of proof should not lie upon the American citizens to prove they are citizens to drive or to board an airplane, just for the sake and convenience of allowing illegal aliens driving privileges.  Illegal aliens should not be allowed to drive if they come to America illegally!
Politicians are not America's elected royalty and should not be treated as such.  Term limits should be enacted upon all members of Congress, Legislatures, and the like.  They are to be representatives of the people
I know government regulations hurt business owners, whether they be small or large.  Businesses are important to the economy on the local, state, and national level.  Without businesses, people don't have jobs.  Without jobs, people don't make money.  Without money, people can't spend.  Therefore I want to deregulate businesses from the government's boa-like constriction.  I want them to operate fully and freely as America originally intended them to be.  No longer will the government see business owners as a "cash cow" for them to regulate strictly as a source of government revenue. 
For far too long, Christians have been the target of the Progressive Left.  It has escalated into genocide in certain parts of the world.  I will protect Christians and make sure they are no longer the victim to bullying legislation and religious persecution by groups for standing for their beliefs.  The 1st Amendment already protects this.  I fully intend to enforce it and remind others in Congress of it, daily if need be.

Not much has changed since 2016, This was our platform. Not much has changed has it?