Jeff Miller For Congress

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Miller For Nevada

Northern Nevada Ph.  # (775)-375-0316

Southern Nevada Ph. # (702)-742-5121

Campaigns cost money.  I wish I didn't have to ask for donations, but the fact is, in a campaign money is a necessity. I vow to be a good steward of all donations that come in.  In fact, I have been asked to spend money in ways, that I thought was frivolous, and I explained that I have been entrusted with the money to do well with it; and simply refused the advice of political experts.  I understand money is tight these days for a lot of people.  Our campaign is doing seed funding.  We ask that everyone who gives to ask five of their friends or associates to match their contributions.  We are doing this on a grass roots level.

As of this update, my signs are being stolen, defaced, and destroyed by possibly other candidates or opposing parties.  Right now, any contributions accepted will be used towards sign replacements, radio advertising, and TV commercials.  One of my primary opponents has bought computers and radios with their contributions.  I pledge to you to use any contributions strictly for campaigning purchases, and I have no problem telling you where your money has went.  I ask that you sincerely consider contributing any amount to the campaign to help us defend liberty and protect the Constitution from those who seek to destroy it.  I have decided to use paypal online because there is no minimum that one may donate.  You can donate $1 or $2 without any fees attached.  Please keep in mind that the most a person can donate to the campaign during the primary season is $2,700. 

                This year is the most important election year of your life.  You have probably heard that line before, however this time is different.  America has suffered 8 years of disastrous decisions from Barack Obama and his socialistic ideas.  Never before has America had a president, who creates law from issuing executive orders.  Never before had we ever had a complacent Majority Leader in John Boehner.  In 2014, the republicans cried out, please elect us and we will stand up to Obama and get rid of Obamacare.  The Nation voted.  The Republicans won, and did nothing about it.


                However, we the people, do have a voice this time.  The unborn now have a voice too with Jeff Miller.  Jeff Miller is the only Constitutional Conservative running for the House of Representatives of District 1, in Las Vegas.  Dina Titus is our current congresswoman.  She has voted against requiring background checks on Syrian Refugees.  She has voted against making Iran pay for their acts of terrorism.  Dina Titus also voted against protecting the baby who survives abortion act.  The law stated any child who has a strong instinct to survive and lives through a botched abortion is to be taken care of by medical staff and nursed back to health.  She voted to have the child killed. 


                Jeff Miller is a strong Conservative who believes the Constitution is the Law of the Land.  The founding fathers wrote it intentionally and its words are not to be interpreted by liberal scholars.  All Americans have a right to bear arms.  Period.  All Americans have a right to free speech.  Period.  Jeff Miller also wants to return Nevada lands back to the Nevada people.  Jeff Miller is a fighter against Imminent Domain and all abuses of government that goes against the Constitution.  He needs your help to spread the message to all Nevadans. 


                We have packages that allows your voice to be heard through your financial contribution.  The first package, we call Fight the Establishment for $50, for those who have had a great year and are truly sick and tired of the way our country is headed. 


                The second package is the Silver Eagle package.  Just like an eagle soars, your contribution goes along way to bring the truth to the Nevada people.  It goes for $25. 


                We also have a smaller package, that allows you to fight the Washington Cartel and it is for $15. 


                Whatever you can help with is a great contribution to secure our liberties and future for all Americans and its future generations.