Jeff Miller For Congress

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The Conservative's Choice For United States House of Representatives, District 4 Nevada

~~ In your heart, you know he's right! ~~

Jeff Miller for Congress

Northern Nevada Ph. # (775)-375-0316

Southern Nevada Ph. # (702)742-5121

We're proud to announce Elbert Guillory has endorsed our campaign!
Statement on The Route 91 Music Festival Shooting

October 2, 2017,

The irresponsible violence that occurred at the Route 91 Music Festival is a reminder that tomorrow is promised to no one. When those concert goers went to the concert, they never imagined the events that would later transpire. It is important to remember the victims and those who were injured in the catastrophic mayhem. These were sons, daughters, parents, brothers and sisters. Let’s pray for those were affected and their family members. It is important that we pray for Las Vegas. However, as a Christian, I am reminded that we should pray for our city regularly.

Concerning the shooter, as of this release, information is sketchy. His true motives are not known at this time. Having said that, his motives of hurting innocent people was unnecessary and incomprehensible. I support Law Enforcement and have trust in knowing they will get to the root of the cause. If there are others involved, I pray that they will be brought to justice as well.

Law Enforcement and the First Responders work hard every day. Today they work harder and we as a community should respect their work and pray for them. It’s a thankless job they do. It’s not easier. As a former volunteer fireman, I understand they are under stress and are seeing disturbing things. God be with them.
Concerning tourism in our city, I would like for tourists to know, the killer is dead. I understand the fear; tourists may have, especially coming from other countries. Please know that acts such as those that transpired the evening of October 1st, 2017 are extremely rare. Yes, we are a Nation built upon guns, however the overwhelming majority of gun owners are responsible, law-abiding citizens. Please continue to come to Las Vegas. Since I work in the tourism industry, I have already acknowledged the fear that many tourists are feeling. Some were even afraid to come out of their hotel rooms this morning. Rest assured, Law Enforcement is on the case. You have no reason to live in fear. To give into terrorism is to fear, whether it is domestic, foreign, or economic.

Nevadans are very resilient. Our State and City will bounce back quickly. We look out for each other in our community, which has been demonstrated by those willing to donate blood and supplies. United Blood Services have been overwhelmed by the response from our community willing to help. Please show each other patience and respect and realize that we are all trying to help out our fellow citizens. I ask that other candidates or politicians to not politicize this issue for personal gain.

God Bless,

Jeff Miller
Jeff and Leo M.
(Photo from Nye County Republican Meeting)

~A Word from Jeff Miller~

Our current Congressman in District 4, here in Nevada, thrives on Identity Politics.  He is a divider and not a uniter of the people.  He was handpicked by Harry Reid and groomed by him to follow out the Reid Doctrine after Harry's retirement. 

I promise to bring back common sense to District 4.  The current Congressman prides himself on his family's history of coming to America illegally and gloats on Twitter about how he was once undocumented and now sits in Congress making laws for America.

We have a clear pathway to victory if we all come together, and rally around Conservatism and Patriotism .  Ruben did not win because of his policies or simply because of who he is.  He won only because of Crescent Hardy's waffling on supporting the Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump.  Congressman Hardy was defeated in the same style of Joe Heck.  They wanted to play to a small voice they were hearing in their echo chambers.  That caused them to lose the election.  They alienated the base, many republicans chose alternative candidates under the Libertarian or Independent American Party to throw out the RINOs.  I am the conservative, Republican candidate you've been asking for to replace the RINOs in Congress.

I am not a RINO  (Republican in Name Only).  What you see is what you get with me, a true Conservative who loves God, family, and Nevada. I am not a politician, I am a businessman.  I help run the most successful horseback riding company in Las Vegas,  I understand the importance of tourism in our state.  Our company works hand in hand with the service industry.  I know what it's like to work on the Strip.  I worked my way up from an entry level position of a shuttle bus driver and now am Vice President of Operations.  I know the rewards of working hard to be successful and the need to provide for our families.  I am the product of the American Dream.

Having lived in Northern Nevada, I understand the importance of the mining and ranching community.  I know what it means to live in rural Nevada and have to drive 200 miles for adequate healthcare.  I've been out there trapping gophers for the ranchers in Winnemucca.  I have caught rainbow trout in Ely at Cave Lake.  I have bought candy from the Death Valley Candy Store in Beatty.  I've walked the streets of Goldfield.  I have eaten at the McDonald's in Tonopah.  I have shopped for groceries in Mesquite as we went to see the in-laws in St. George and Salt Lake.  I have rode horses through the Moapa Valley alongside the Virgin River.  In other words, I understand Nevada.  Not just one side of it.  I understand the needs of District 4.  I truly am the best man to elect to Congress to represent you in Nevada. 

I am Jeff Miller and I'm asking for your vote and your support for 2018 to bring common sense back to Nevada.  I also would like to ask for your help in this campaign because I am against an establishment career politician Stavros Anthony, backed by Red Rock Strategies (who backed the Never Trumpers like Joe Heck, Crescent Hardy, and Mitt Romney) in the primary and will face the uprising star of the Democrat party, who was once rumored to be Hillary Clinton's running mate in 2016.  I will have the Harry Reid Machine as well as the whole Democrat party breathing down my neck in the General Election.  Please support our campaign for Congress financially if the Lord leads you. 

God Bless,

~Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller and Joe Burdzinski at the Nye County Republican Committee in June, 2017. Picture taken after Jeff addressed the Nye County Republicans in Pahrump on why he should be elected to US Congress.

Miller for US Congress 2016 Bumper Sticker for District 1, Nevada 2016bumpersticker.png

2016: Buck McNeely, television host of Outdoorsman, International seen weekly across the United States, endorsing Jeff for US Congress in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jeff and Buck with a special message from Nevada!
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